Chief Executive Officer (CEO) – Water infrastructure SaaS analytics consulting company that uses AI and machine learning to help cities optimize lead-pipe service lines

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Chief Executive Officer (CEO) – Water infrastructure SaaS analytics consulting company that uses AI and machine learning to help cities optimize lead-pipe service lines


Remote (with a fully remote team w/clusters in NY, CA, MI, GA)

Full Time

Full Time



Position Summary:

BlueConduit’s mission is to improve public health and safety using machine learning and data science. In our initial market, our goal is to eliminate uncertainty around water infrastructure material nationwide, providing software that enables local officials to find and remove all lead-tainted drinking water pipes. To best serve that mission, our CEO will develop innovative strategy and empower the team to execute on those plans through software releases, growing the customer base, and expanding into new markets. BlueConduit is in the process of raising its seed round. 

This is an opportunity to lead a startup with product-market fit, steady and growing revenue stream, the established brand in the market, and regularly receiving national press. We are seeking a CEO with a proven ability to scale growth in startups, a strong track record of hiring great people, and a commitment to BlueConduit’s mission. In addition to leadership experience in SaaS companies, we are looking for someone who has deep expertise in go-to-market for government technology (govtech).

BlueConduit has had revenue since its first months. The company is supported by charitable foundations, including grants from and the Rockefeller Foundation. Its other funding has come from a few angel investors. One of those, who recently led a SaaS company to a $1.5 billion exit, is serving as the interim CEO, and the two co-founders, whose machine-learning academic research was the basis for the company, remain active on the Board of Directors. 

Responsibilities: What you will be doing

  • Lead the company growth strategy with BlueConduit’s current product line, and facilitate the development of the next generation of the company’s offerings beyond lead pipes
  • Secure and negotiate strategic commercial partnerships as well as manage relationships with philanthropic supporters
  • Develop a fundraising strategy for the company’s first priced round, and manage long-term relationships with investors
  • Presents to prospective funders, customers, strategic partners, and government 
  • Manages the leadership team and empowers senior leaders to make decisions to best fulfil the company’s mission
  • Runs incredibly productive and efficient meetings, with clear written agendas, objectives, desired output
  • Foster a supportive, welcoming, and socially-conscious company culture in order to attract a talented and diverse mix of employees, and to retain and encourage their growth too.

Requirements: What you must bring 

  • Strong B2G or Business-to-utilities software sales experience.
  • Executive-level leadership experience at a B2G government tech firm 
  • ideally coming from an analogous giv/civic tech space (e.g., energy utility, transportation)
  • Experience with governments and engineering consulting firms in a regulated industry
  • Familiarity with the water utility industry
  • Comfort working with data science and ML-focused product teams
  • Demonstrated capacity to manage business profitably while documenting social impact
  • Passion for improving lives of people in the communities BlueConduit serves
  • Proven ability to hire, retain, and develop talent, where others feel a positive impact on team culture, including diversity, equity, and inclusion among the team.

Characteristics That We Value

  • Dedicated: Heavily dedicated to a company’s social mission, and can communicate this to all stakeholders (employees, investors, customers)
  • Visionary: Has interest in long-term strategic vision for growth as a “civic tech” firm, towards expanding beyond lead pipes
  • Perceptive: Clear communicator across range of settings, skilled at reading the room, excellent at presenting to different audiences (government, employees, investors)
  • Empathetic: Understands how others’ needs and wants differ to best connect with and engage with a range of stakeholders, e.g. water utility managers, engineering consulting firms, and non-profit organizations from disadvantaged communities.
  • Curious: Remains curious and asks the right questions to efficiently get information from the team and external stakeholders
  • Transparent: Will set clear revenue and product release goals, and and will create incentives and structures to ensure these are met


  • Remote with a fully remote team (clusters in NY, Bay Area, Ann Arbor, and Atlanta)
  • Approximately 10% to 20% travel, depending on COVID


  • Equity on the level of the founding team
  • Salary commensurate with experience
  • Health insurance 100% covered and other benefits 
  • Co-working space/work place stipend

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