Orangetheory Fitness Engages with Yardstick Management to Develop and Expand a Culture of Inclusivity

Orangetheory Fitness 

Industry: Health, Wellness, and Fitness HQ
Location: Boca Raton, FL
Size: 7,340 Employees* 

Yardstick has been instrumental in helping our brand realize our purpose of helping people live a longer, more vibrant life. For Orangetheory, vibrant living means providing an opportunity for ALL people. As a franchise business in 26 countries, Yardstick has enabled us to be strategic and more intentional about how we execute our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion goals within our Headquarters as well as our franchise network.Kevin Keith, Orangetheory, Chief Brand Officer

The Background

Orangetheory Fitness (OTF) is a science-based interval training fitness program focused on promoting more life for all in both health and wellness. Eager to further their values of commUNITY and opportUNITY for all and uphold an environment centered on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) across every facet of the OTF brand, on November 2020, OTF formed a partnership with Yardstick Management to perform an audit and assessment on its current practices and create a DEI strategy to be integrated within the company for years to come. knowledge, resources, and talent is Yardstick’s largest mission. 

The Challenge

The work began with the realization that OTF leadership needed direction on how to further continue the DEI work previously cultivated internally and led by the DEI committee, a council comprised of members across all functions and levels of the organization.

Clear gaps in priorities were identified by the Yardstick Management team presenting an opportunity for realignment and focus in four major areas: DEI hiring practices and talent acquisition, marketing, internal communication between leadership and the large OTF employee base and external DEI communication.

The Tactics

To determine the quality of DEI frameworks created within OTF, Yardstick Management interviewed three senior and executive leaders as well as 10 committee members to determine the DEI gaps and inform next steps, led the DEI committee weekly meetings while providing recommendations and consulting, met weekly with the Executive Leadership, implemented talent acquisition, employee growth, and retention strategies with DEI as
guiding tenets, and provided DEI communication support and messaging for marketing and social media content.

The Results

Yardstick Management wrote the customized OTF DEI Playbook to ensure that OTF would have a baseline for implementing DEI practices within and across the organization, performed a keynote presentation for their Virtual Annual Employees Learning Development Summit with over 1500 employees in attendance, created over four action plans for the DEI committee to execute, and conducted four custom-made DEI workshops for OTF members and leaders. Additionally, Yardstick provided ongoing social media, marketing, crisis, external and internal communication support.

About Yardstick Management

Established in 2012, Yardstick Management is America's leading Black-Owned management consulting firm, providing organizational strategy, diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging support, and executive search expertise at the world’s most recognizable companies. Our comprehensive services help organizations transform their culture as well as attract and retain the most senior-level diverse executives to their C-Suites and boards. Named in Inc.’s 2021 Best in Business list and as Georgia Business Journal’s 2021 Best Business Consulting firm, Yardstick Management has a proven track record of successful transformation and is trusted by the largest companies in the world.
In 2021 alone, the management consulting firm increased revenue by 166%, grew its employee base by 42%, and impacted over 2,600,000 employees across global corporate, non-profit, and educational organizations including, Amazon, Facebook, LinkedIn, Netflix, MIT, Orangetheory Fitness, PLBY Group Inc., Davita Kidney Care, Whirlpool, Roark Capital, and more. For additional information, visit