DEI: Netflix

DEI Netflix

Netflix engaged Yardstick to develop an array of custom DEI strategies designed to tackle challenges unique to the organization. Yardstick was given the range to develop and implement swift and significant organizational, talent, and event strategy solutions. The scope of the engagement included but was not limited to recruitment, outreach & engagement, executive search, and assistance developing diverse networks and partnerships with underrepresented groups. Given the nature and breadth of the work, it was clear that Netflix was ready to leap from being a diverse organization to becoming an authentically inclusive organization. Yardstick was fully committed and prepared to provide guidance and support through this endeavor.

At the forefront of strategies utilized to drive DEI efforts were the Jefferson dinners. These dinners’ goal is to engage diverse thought leaders in a single and communal conversation, Changing the Complexion and Composition of the C-Suite in the Midst of Crisis being one. Yardstick and Netflix worked as thought partners to select a topic and a keynote with the ability to inspire, inform and challenge attendees across verticals. Yardstick carefully curated a group of senior-level diverse CXO’s, SVPs, and other underrepresented minority leaders through its vast network of diverse talent. Yardstick planned the logistics and ensured the Jefferson dinners’ smooth and efficient operations and other small dinners and mixers geared toward creating access to diverse talent. Yardstick was integral in the transition from in-person gatherings to virtual curated events for Netflix during the onset of Covid-19. Nevertheless, Yardstick was committed to creating unique and robust virtual experiences. Yardstick sent event attendees company-branded swag and mementos before the event. Additionally, Yardstick provided participants with a menu consisting of minority-owned restaurants providing hand-selected dinners and wine to be delivered to their homes on the evening of the event.

Creating access to underrepresented groups was a focal point amongst the DEI talent strategies executed in partnership with Yardstick. To deeply embed DEI in the current talent and acquisition strategy at Netflix, Yardstick performed an in-depth landscape analysis and assessment of diverse leadership talent pools in each target geography. Yardstick built several power lists, introducing over 100 minority talent at the executive level, cataloging potential partners in serving underrepresented groups, and creating authentic and diverse networking opportunities across identified verticals. Additionally, through this partnership, Yardstick played a critical role in Netflix’s historic $100 Million investment into Black-owned banks. Through continued support and counsel, Yardstick continues to ensure Netflix has access to, attracts, and retains staff who directly resemble the organizational diversity they seek.