MLT Case Study

Management Leadership by Tomorrow (MLT) is a national nonprofit transforming leadership pipelines by equipping Black, Latinx and Native American talent to secure high-trajectory jobs. The organization engaged Yardstick to develop an MLT Ascend Coaching Guide. The purpose of this guide is to provide an introduction to coaching each MLT Ascend Scholar as a facilitator, resource, advocate, and cheerleader. Yardstick helped to align and establish priorities in-house to establish that open and clear communication is paramount to establishing a good relationship with a Scholar followed by tips and techniques critical to effective communication. Yardstick helped lay out the expectations and responsibilities from coach to scholar by using a person-centered approach, deploying active listening and solutions-focused thinking, utilizing goal setting strategies, motivating students for success, and proactively preparing with crisis management strategies.

The guide launched in all locations of MLT outreach. Using a multi-pronged approach, Yardstick Management took into consideration all stakeholders in the process, offering a custom coaching guide that could be embedded in current programs.
Having the coaching resources located in one, easy-to-access modality made it a win for MLT Coaches and ultimately the Scholars themselves. The ultimate goal of the coaching relationship is to support the scholar in accomplishing the goals identified in the Guide and Roadmap to ensure that historically marginalized scholars get what they need to thrive.